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Nipple Reduction

Large, prominent and puffy nipples are issues that can affect both men and women, but at Renovatio we work to treat any issues you may have with your nipples. Whether it’s the nipple itself or the surrounding areola, we can reduce both of these elements so they’re at a size you’re happy with.



From - £650


1-2 Weeks downtime


30mins - 1 Hour Approx


Manchester, Cheshire and Lancashire

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A Nipple Reduction procedure involves reducing either the dark skin area around your nipples is called the areola or the nipple itself.

The procedure will usually take around an hour, you will either be treated as a Daycase. Dr Sof will discuss this with you at your consultation

Follow your consultant’s recommendations regarding wearing a bra and resuming normal activities. You will need to sleep on your back for a few weeks after your procedure. Discuss this with your consultant if you have any concerns.
All symptoms will ease but may take up to 6 weeks to fully subside.

Nipple Reduction

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Please contact us to book your Nipple Reduction surgery consultation, you can visit us at a number of clinics across the Northwest.

Dr Sof will discuss the procedure with you in full answer any questions you may have

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