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Mid Face Lift

Many people who are concerned about the natural signs of ageing have problems with the cheeks and under eye areas. A mid face-lift works to restore a smooth and radiant look to the cheeks and lower eyelids.



From - £4500


2-4 Weeks Downtime


2-3 Hours Approx


Manchester, Cheshire and Lancashire

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Mid facelifts address one of the early signs of ageing – cheek and lower eyelid sagging. Full facelifts may not treat cheek and eyelid sagging, so this may be the better option if you want your cheeks lifting. 

The procedure will take around 1 – 2 hours, you will either be treated as a Daycase or you may need to spend the night, Dr Sof will discuss this with you at your consultation

The majority of patients experience some discomfort. Bruising and swelling will be at their worst for a few days but medication can relieve tenderness. Recovery usually takes around 2 weeks.

At first your eyelids and cheeks may seem too tight. This usually settles down within six weeks of the operation. Most patients are pleased with the final result, but some find their new shape difficult to get used to. This may happen to you. You cannot judge the final result of your facelift or necklift for about six to nine months. Even if the operation is a success, you may need another operation in the future to have the skin tightened again.

Mid Face Lift

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