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Breast Lift (Mastopexy)


As we grow older, our breasts naturally begin to sag, but with a breast lift we can help to reverse this process. We will remove any excess skin around the breasts and tighten the remaining tissue in order to restore more youthful looking breasts.

The Breast Lift (Mastopexy) Procedure with Dr. Sof


Are you considering a breast lift (mastopexy) to rejuvenate and uplift your breasts? Learn more about the procedure and what to expect when you choose Dr. Sofiane Rimouche for your breast lift journey:

Consultation and Planning: Your breast lift journey begins with a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Sof. During this initial meeting, Dr. Sof will listen to your concerns, goals, and preferences regarding breast lift surgery. He will perform a thorough examination of your breasts, assess your skin elasticity, and discuss the most suitable techniques to achieve your desired outcome.

Preparation: On the day of your breast lift surgery, you will arrive at the surgical facility, where Dr. Sof and his team will ensure you are comfortable and prepared for the procedure. You will be given anaesthesia to ensure you are asleep and pain-free throughout the surgery.

Incision Placement: Dr. Sof will carefully select the most appropriate incision pattern based on your individual breast anatomy and the degree of breast sagging. Common incision patterns for breast lift surgery include the periareolar (around the nipple), vertical (lollipop), or anchor (inverted T) technique.

Breast Tissue Reshaping: Once the incisions are made, Dr. Sof will reshape and reposition the breast tissue to create a firmer, more youthful breast contour. He may also adjust the size and position of the areolas to achieve a balanced and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Skin Tightening: Dr. Sof will remove excess skin and tighten the remaining skin envelope to eliminate sagging and achieve a lifted breast appearance. 

Closing Incisions: After the breast tissue and skin are reshaped and tightened, Dr. Sof will close the incisions with sutures, surgical tape, or adhesive skin closure strips. He will take care to minimise scarring and ensure a clean, well-contoured appearance.

Recovery and Follow-Up: Following the procedure, you will be monitored closely in the recovery area until you are ready to return home. Dr. Sof will provide detailed post-operative instructions to help you manage discomfort, promote healing, and achieve the best possible results for each patient. He will schedule follow-up appointments to monitor your progress, address any concerns, and ensure a smooth recovery process.


Important Note from Dr. Sof: It’s essential to bear in mind that while you may observe initial improvements, the complete results of your Mastopexy procedure often take a few months to fully manifest as swelling gradually subsides.

Guidance on Return to Activities: Your personalised plan for resuming daily activities will be carefully determined in collaboration with Dr. Sof.


You may choose to undergo a Brow Lift for a number of reasons:

A breast uplift can rejuvenate your appearance, boosting confidence in your body.

Experience a boost in self-esteem as a breast uplift revitalises your appearance.

Achieve a more balanced silhouette with a breast uplift, correcting asymmetry and creating harmony.

Experience relief from discomfort and strain as a breast uplift lifts and reshapes, enhancing overall comfort.

£7, 570

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your Breast Uplift


While breast uplift surgery can yield transformative results, it’s essential to acknowledge potential risks associated with any surgical procedure. These may include temporary changes in nipple sensation, scarring, and the possibility of infection or complications related to anaesthesia. However, at our practice, your safety and well-being are paramount. Dr. Sofiane Rimouche and our dedicated team prioritise stringent safety protocols and personalised care at every stage of your journey. From thorough pre-operative assessments to meticulous surgical techniques and attentive post-operative follow-up, we are committed to providing you with exceptional service and support.

Dr. Sof strives to minimise risks and ensure a positive, comfortable experience tailored to your individual needs, guiding you with expertise and compassion every step of the way. Dr. Sof is here to address any concerns and provide reassurance throughout your breast uplift journey.

*During the consultation process you will have a detailed discussion about all of the potential risks and benefits.


The following steps will support your recovery


It is vital all of our patients closely follow these steps

"Dr. Sof is a very professional, informative and caring doctor. He made me feel happy and extremely comfortable with my chosen treatment".


Mastopexy surgery, commonly known as a breast uplift, is an operation to remove extra loose skin from the breasts, and to lift and reshape them, to make them look more youthful.

The operation usually takes between 2-3 hours. You will be out of bed on the same day as your surgery, and doing light activities after two weeks.

To protect your body, and to get the best results, look after yourself and follow all the steps outlined above. 

This location of this treatment will be arranged and scheduled with Dr. Sof. 



Disclaimer: Prices displayed on the website may vary depending on individual patient needs. Additionally, results vary from person to person and are influenced by individual factors.

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Disclaimer: Prices displayed on the website may vary depending on individual patient needs. Additionally, results vary from person to person and are influenced by individual factors.