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Labiaplasty In Cheshire With Renovatio Clinic - Consultant Plastic Surgeon

A labiaplasty is a surgical procedure to decrease the size of the labia minora. Not to be confused with terms like ‘vaginal rejuvenation’ (these treatments usually involve lasers or other non-surgical options), a labiaplasty is performed to reduce the size or reshape the labia. Patients who suffer from enlarged labia often find it painful or embarrassing, this procedure has had a transformative effect on many of our patients, both physically and mentally, they are happier, more comfortable, and more confident.


Why do patients have the Labiaplasty procedure?

The labia minora can enlarge with age and patients tend to put off the procedure until the size of the labia starts to cause them problems. Some patients need the treatment for medical reasons, if the labia are getting pulled into the vagina during intercourse. This can result in damage to the skin. Discomfort and pain can also be caused when sitting, exercising, or wearing tight clothes. The vast majority have the treatment for aesthetic reasons however, as a result of embarrassment when wearing tight clothes, swimsuits or some sort or work or exercise related clothing.

The most commonly cited  reason for having a labiaplasty procedure is simply that the patient would like a new ‘tucked in look’ for when they are naked in front of their partner.



From - £2995


3 - 5 days downtime


1 - 1.5 Hours Approx


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