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Brow Lift

A brow or forehead lift is designed to tighten up the forehead, reduce lines and wrinkles in that area, and rejuvenate the upper face to its natural youth. If you suffer from a sagging brow, a brow lift is the treatment for you.



From - £3995


1-2 Weeks downtime


1-2 Hours Approx


Manchester, Cheshire and Lancashire

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A brow lift is a procedure to lift the brow. As we age there is a natural tendency for the brow to drop or for unwanted wrinkles to appear. This procedure is used to restore the youthful glow and lift to our skin.

The procedure will take 1 -2 Hours Approx depending on what type of brow lift surgery you undertake.

Brow lift techniques vary depending on your desired results. The specific technique your surgeon chooses will determine the location of the incisions and the resulting scars.

Your doctor might use one of the following techniques:

Endoscopic brow lift. Your surgeon will make several small incisions behind your hairline. He or she will then insert a long thin tube with a light and a tiny camera mounted on its end (endoscope) through one of the incisions to view your underlying muscles and tissues.

Using an instrument inserted through another incision, your surgeon will lift your forehead tissues and anchor them in place with sutures, small screws or another technique. Your incisions are then closed with stitches or small clips.

Coronal brow lift. Your surgeon will make an incision behind your hairline across the top of your head, from ear to ear or primarily on the top of your head. He or she will lift your forehead into its new position, with the scalp in front of the incision overlapping the scalp behind it.

The overlapping scalp is then removed and the remaining scalp is sewn together. This technique is not typically done in people who have high hairlines, thin hair or who are likely to lose their hair.

Hairline brow lift. Your surgeon will make an incision between the top of your forehead and the beginning of your hairline. He or she will remove a small amount of skin and tissue from the top of your forehead, rather than your scalp. As a result, your hairline won’t be pulled back.

A hairline brow lift is often used if someone has a high receding hairline. However, depending upon healing, a scar might be visible along the hairline.

Dr Sof will give you specific instructions on how to care for your incisions. In the first few days after a brow lift:

  • Rest with your head elevated and take pain medication as recommended by Dr Sof
  • Apply cold compresses to relieve swelling
  • Avoid exposing your incisions to excessive pressure or motion

Brow Lift

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