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Nipple Reconstruction

Sometimes a nipple has to be removed as part of a mastectomy, but the team at Renovatio are at hand to reconstruct and replace this nipple.





1 Week downtime


30 Mins - 1 Hour Approx


Manchester, Cheshire and Lancashire

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Nipple reconstruction surgery is a procedure which is usual undertaken after breast surgery to reconstruct and rebuild the nipple. The procedure is normally done 3-4 months after breast surgery.

Nipple reconstruction is usually done awake, using local anaesthesia however Dr Sof will discuss this with you at your consultation

People may use a plastic nipple protector and a surgical bra to protect the new nipple from injury. The nipple may feel sore and tender for a short period after the procedure.
Dr Sof will discuss the aftercare methods within your consultation but will cover the following:

  • How long to wear the bra and bandages
  • How to care for and clean the new nipple
  • When to return for the postsurgical exam

During recovery, we recommend applying antibacterial ointment to the healing nipple to avoid infection.

Nipple Reconstruction

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Please contact us to book your Nipple Reconstruction surgery consultation, you can visit us at a number of clinics across the Northwest.

Dr Sof will discuss the procedure with you in full answer any questions you may have

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