Renovatio Seperator ThermiSmooth Face (Controlled Non-Invasive Tissue Heating)

Want to reclaim your skin’s youthful glow, smoothness and elasticity, without undergoing surgery or using other invasive methods? ThermiSmooth Face is here to help.

Renovatio is delighted to offer ThermiSmooth®  non-surgical facial treatments in our Cheshire facility. This innovative, non-invasive therapy uses gentle dermal heating to provide controlled radio frequency energy that tightens the tissues to improve skin tone and give you brighter, younger-looking skin. Performed using a specially-designed temperature-controlled handpiece, ThermiSmooth® can be used around the eyes, forehead, cheeks, mouth and neck to erase years off your appearance.

Areas of Treatment:

  • Forehead
  • Eyes/eyelids
  • Cheeks
  • Mouth
  • Neck