Renovatio Seperator Regenerative Hair Restoration Treatments

We know how important a full head of hair can be for both men and women. Hair loss can make you appear older than you really are, and ruin an otherwise youthful appearance. Renovatio regenerative hair restoration treatment solutions are available for discreet restoration of your hair.

Renovatio’s hair restoration treatments offer a genuine long-lasting solution to the issue of baldness and hair loss. This minimally invasive treatment results in near undetectable scarring, and will leave your hair looking naturally full, thick and youthfully healthy.

The trained specialists at Renovatio use platelet-rich plasma therapy, which also used in skin rejuvenation, for its regenerative properties. The treatment uses your own blood, which is centrifuged to create plasma which is rich in growth factors. This is then injected with minimal discomfort into the scalp to stimulate hair growth. The PRP hair restoration treatment can be combined with other procedures to maximise the effects. Three treatments four weeks apart is usually recommended.