Renovatio Seperator Non-Invasive Gynaecological Rejuvenation (ThermiVa)

When it comes to the self-restoration, we take every part of your body into account. Childbirth can ravage a woman’s body, especially her vagina. You may have heard vaginal reconstruction referred to by the term ‘designer vagina’ but it is a real procedure, that profoundly helps women who have suffered from tissue damage due to childbirth or medical conditions. ThermiVa is a non-invasive treatment for vaginal rejuvenation, using gentle heat to tighten the tissues.

Many women are understandably squeamish when it comes to procedures around their vagina, but at Renovatio, we have discovered a solution that can help you to tighten and regenerate the tissues around this sensitive area that needs no incisions, injections or anaesthetic.

ThermiVa simply uses radio frequencies to produce gentle heat that will effectively restore your natural beauty below the waist. We normally recommend an initial three 30 minute treatments just four weeks apart, and you’ll see results from there. Some of the other benefits of ThermiVa include vaginal tightening, reduction of dryness, improved appearance, sensation and function, reversal of some menopausal changes, as well as helping with urinary incontinence.

Areas of Treatment:

  • Internal vulva
  • External vulva
  • Vaginal canal