Renovatio Seperator Laser Hair Removal

Nothing epitomises non-invasive surgery more than laser hair removal. Exclusively using the Cynosure Elite+ for face and body hair removal, this incredible dual-wavelength machine produces pulses of light that targets the melanin found in the hair for complete hair removal.

If you have unwanted body hair, Renovatio can help to make you feel comfortable no matter what you wear. During your initial consultation, we’ll test a small patch of hair in order to determine if the treatment works to your satisfaction and to test for reactions.

Following that, we’ll arrange your full appointment, which will remove the unwanted hair, leaving you with smooth skin and also eliminating ingrowing hair.

The Cynosure Elite+ laser machine delivers energy faster for quicker results; it’s truly the gold standard in hair removal. It is good for all skin types and is also suitable for darker skin tones. At Renovatio, we have a device which measures skin tone and pigment, which changes when patients are tanned for example. This lowers the slight risk involved in using Elite+ even further, as the treatment parameters can be adjusted to each individual’s requirements at the time of the session.

Areas of Treatment:

Very small areas:

  • Both eyebrows
  • Both earlobes
  • Nose
  • Upper lip
  • Fingers
  • Toes

Small areas:

  • Both hands,
  • Both feet
  • Both cheeks
  • Both jawlines

Medium areas:

  • Face and neck
  • Both underarms
  • Shoulders
  • Brazilian
  • Half an abdomen
  • Half a chest
  • Half a back
  • Both buttocks

Large areas:

  • Full back
  • Full chest
  • Two full legs