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I was fortunate enough to be placed under the care of Mr Rimouche with regards to the possibility of plastic surgery after two unsuccessful attempts via another medical person.

My medical condition was in a prominent position on my head, either way I knew that I would have to undergo treatment and my trust was in the hands of Mr Rimouche. My treatment was undertaken at General Lancashire Hospital where upon Mr Rimouche fully explained the procedure to me he was going to perform while I was awake.

Even though I was anxious Mr Rimouche throughout the procedure was talking to me explaining the process he was undertaking and ensuring I was alright and not in any discomfort. Even though there is no 100% certainty that my condition would respond to surgery, I knew within the first five weeks that my open wound was healed and there was no growth trying to protrude through it.

The scarring is minimal and no bald patch showing through my hair. All of this only made possible due to the expertise of Mr Rimouche. As a result I am more than pleased with the service I have received. If in the future my condition does re-occur I will not hesitate to be placed under the care of Mr Rimouche once again.

My gratitude also extends to all staff on duty at the General Lancashire Hospital on the day of my surgery, whom was also extremely attentive.

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