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The mini-abdominoplasty procedure at Dr. Sof’s clinic is similar to a regular abdominoplasty procedure (also known as a tummy tuck), except it focuses solely on the area below the belly button rather than the whole abdomen. This procedure can help you to regain confidence and restore your stomach’s appearance to its more natural state.  The procedure is common in women that have gone through childbirth, or men and women who have experienced a significant reduction in weight at some point. The procedure can also be a preferred option for those who have previously had a traditional abdominoplasty procedure but were dissatisfied with it for varied reasons.


What is a mini-abdominoplasty procedure?

A mini-abdominoplasty procedure, also known as a mini tummy-tuck, removes the excess skin and fat in the lower abdominal region. The result of the procedure is a more youthful-looking overall contour to the body.

The removal of loose and excess tissue during the surgery helps to improve the aesthetic appearance of the abdominal area and will create a slimmed-down appearance. Sometimes the muscles will also be tightened. No scar is left around the tummy button, which may be stretched to become a different shape.



From - £4035


1-2 Weeks downtime


1 - 2 Hours Approx


Manchester, Cheshire and Lancashire

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What is the difference between a mini-abdominoplasty and a traditional abdominoplasty procedure?

The mini-abdominoplasty will target the area below the navel whereas the standard abdominoplasty focuses both above and below the navel. In general, dependant on the amount of skin that will be removed, the incision in the mini-abdominoplasty will be shorter than in the traditional abdominoplasty. This will mean the resulting scar will be shorter. The full abdominoplasty treatment often involves the re-positioning of the belly button.




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